Elliot's Owie
Tuesday, 22 September 2009 10:42

Poor Ells!  He is almost 11 now and starting to get the "lumps and bumps".  He had one on his little face that had been there for a while without looking strange.  Recently, it started changing size and being a bit weepy.  I suspected it might be morphing into a mast cell tumor.  Dr. Annette agreed, so she took it off yesterday (see his stitches?), along with a more innocent looking one on his leg.  Even though he has a very healthy mouth for his age, we decided to polish his teeth while he was under anesthesia.  She took out a couple of teeth that looked marginal...rather have them out now than let them cause trouble later.

Now we just wait for the histopathology to come back on the mass.  Elliot is a little swollen, but otherwise is a champ, as usual!  I wish I was as tough and forgiving as my dogs are!

UPDATE! Today (9/24) we got the histopath report back and it's clear!  No mast cell! It was officially a "nodular sebaceous gland hyperplasia".  The complete excision "should be curative"!!  Hooray!  Thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers you all sent for Elliot!!  We ♥ you!!

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Linda Sullivan: ...
So happy to hear that Elliott is going to be fine. I sure understand about those lumps and bumps. Chase is starting to get them too. Had a sebaceous cyst on his tail of all places about six months ago.

September 24, 2009
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michel jo : ...
Sweet little guy.....what a trooper!!!

September 22, 2009
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