Evie's Birthday - But I Got The Surprise!
Thursday, 17 September 2009 10:45

I just want to warn you that if you have a weak stomach you should prolly not read this.  Thank heavens there is no "smell-o-vision".

I was supposed to write a post today updating everyone on show successes and whatnot, but I think those days are over.  I mean, it's boring for everyone except me (and the owners of the dogs who did something), so I am going to Stop Being Selfish.  SBS.  That's right.  I'll still do a quick list here and there and anyone who cares will be able to Decipher It (can you tell I just read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol?) and we won't need the boring commentary.  I am sick to death of boring commentary on this blog.  Because even while the rest of this site is a regular website, this front thing is supposed to be a blog, for heaven's sake!  Let's have some FUN and SBS! (Remember what SBS means??  hmm?)

So, *anyway*, I was all excited yesterday because today is Ebits' birthday.  That's Evie for those of you not clued into the sick game Jody and I play with the dogs' names.  I wake up and I'm feeling kinda lazy, so I quick let out the crated dogs so they can go potty and come back to bed.  I am pretty sleepy and my nose is stuffed up.  Peevis (again, Evie) and the rest of the crew fly out the dog door and do their business.  I crawl back in bed with Maxi and Nannies, who never want to go right out.

Now, our backyard is lovingly referred to as "Old McDonald's Barnyard".  Jody and I cannot agree on what to do with it, so it's a disaster.  Mud is not uncommon.  So when Evie got back in bed (there's a ramp, ppl) and had something muddy all over her chest, this was No Big Surprise.  argh, Eves, mud in our *bed*?  Crap!  And then the horrible smell started to penetrate my stuffy nose and I realized that the *mud* WAS *crap*!!  SHIT!  Yes, it was.  So I think that she must have somehow stepped in diarrhea in the back yard or something...but it's all over her chest, which is weird.  So I get *up* and clean her off in the bedroom sink.  It wasn't tons, but I start stripping the sheets so I can wash them.  Just when I think it can't get worse, Jody comes in and says, "Did someone shit in a crate?" and I say, "No, don't you think I would smell that?"  Then he tells me how he smelled something horrible during the night and thought someone pooped in a crate.  "What!?!" Oh.  My.  God.  I rush over to Evie's crate (yeah, she was in a softside last night) and here is what greets me:

evie_bday_surprise_1.gif evie_bday_surprise_2.gif

Freakin' YUCK! Lucky for you, I did NOT blow these pix up and give you a nice closeup view.  hehe. Not only was it in her crate, but she squirted it out the front and it got all dripped down Finn's crate and on the hardwood.  Bleh.  She probably didn't have any on her until she jumped out of her crate...all over the chest!  Duh!

So this entire morning has been spent washing, cleaning, and muttering.  LOL!  Poor Evie didn't get any breakfast, just some Amforal and a bath.  Here's how she felt about it:


Is that a face or what?


Happy Flippin' Brithday, Ebits!  Hopefully we will find some rabbits on our walk this afternoon!

Oh, and she's 2!  Happy Birthday to her sibs, Sidney JE and Axel!  And to her BFF, Sarah Abersold!

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Elena Kerns: ...
The fun of having these wonderful little creatures. I miss the contact with you and all the puppies. Franky has made friends with a puppy next door. She is a ruff Collie,she is 12 weeks old and just loves her new boyfriend. Franky is just the best. Hope all is well. Did you get the pictures? LOL Elena

September 17, 2009
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Melissa: ...
Poor Mama Dawn and baby Evie! NOT a pleasant way to start the day! smilies/smiley.gif It can only get better.

September 17, 2009
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