Miss Dixie, "Bunny Hunter"
Monday, 03 August 2009 07:20

dixie_ashlynn_1.gif Dixie (formerly known as "Halo", a CH Winston ex CH Payton puppy) is shown here with her new owner, 5 year old Ashlynn.  Ashlynn and her parents, Jason and Natalie, live in Minnesota.  They own a dog training facility and they compete mainly with border collies in agility.  Ashlynn's dream has been to have a Dachshund and now she does!

Natalie says that Ashlynn and Dixie are best buddies, and it is rare the times that Dixie isn't with Ashlynn, doing something.

This morning, I received this note from Natalie:

On a side note, on Saturday morning, Ashlynn had Dixie out to go potty and she opened the door and yelled, "Dixie got a bunny, Dixie got a bunny!" Jason and I ran to the door and she had two smaller baby bunnies in her mouth. She was taking care of business one at a time. Ashylnn was excited because Dixie was a "Hunter now" and doing what Doxies do best. Apparently there was a nest of bunnies with a death wish in our yard. Dixie, however, took care of the situation. Jason and I thought Ashlynn would be devastated that the bunnies were dead, but she just said, "That is what Dachshunds do." It was more like a comedy, because you have two parents in their PJ's trying to grab Dixie while she is trying to destroy the bunnies and the bunnies are screaming while we are thinking that our child will be devastated only to find out she was the one who told Dixie to "Go get them". Ashlynn was very proud of her pup. She said Dixie can now "Keep her safe from wild bunnies".

Jody and I had a good laugh over Ashlynn's attitude toward rabbits when it concerns mother nature.  A 5 year old with more sense than most adults these days.  :)

I will add that Dixie has been somewhat of a challenge to her new family. Thank goodness they are experienced trainers! Even though Dixie had been extensively socialized here and was very good with things like big dogs and new dogs and people, it took her nearly 2 full weeks in her new home to gain that confidence back. At 3 weeks in MN, she's still not quite there all the way. dixie_ashlynn_2.gifAll we can think is that she depended more on her Dachshund support system here than I realized...it seems my other dogs gave her the confidence she showed in those stressful situations...perhaps she took cues from my other dogs, who of course are generally fine in potentially stressful situations. The message that I am trying to get across here is that dogs are individuals and that when you get a new dog or puppy, you have to be prepared to be patient and give them time to adjust to their new surroundings and family. Some dogs get it down right away and others take more time...but if you *plan* for it, you will be prepared.

We cannot thank Natalie and Jason enough for not giving up on Dixie, even though she wasn't initially what any of us expected her to be! We are confident that in their hands, Dixie will continue to grow and blossom to fulfill her potential.

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That is such a sweet story!! Thanks for sharing smilies/smiley.gif

August 03, 2009
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