Back to Back Earthdog Tests
Monday, 03 November 2008 12:41

sidney_je_leg_1_1.gifNew Junior Earthdog, Ever-Ready Sidney v Ruger JE!

It was just too much fun for Colorado Earthdogs the last weekend in October and the first weekend in November at Wilde Oaks in Elizabeth, CO.  Our Dachshunds did very well.  We don't have lots of pix, simply because we didn't have our camera! Earthdog is a great event, drawing pet folks, breeders, fanciers and every combination of the three!  Even when the dogs don't quite understand how we want them to play the Earthdog game, they still usually have a blast!  The Earthdog community here in Colorado is very friendly and welcoming and it's always at good time at Wilde Oaks or Rist Canyon.

Our homebred puppy child, Sidney, followed in the steps of her littersister, Evie (Ever After v Ruger, JE), and earned her Junior Earthdog title, too!  She earned one leg the first weekend and one the second.  Sidney is now Ever-Ready Sidney v Ruger JE.  Her dad, Shawn Lightfoot, was very happy with his 'lil Sid.  Laughing

CH Payton, who is halfsister to CH Ryan & FC Midge, finally quit staring, shaking and drooling (SSD) at the rats and instead dug and barked at them long enough to earn a JE leg on Saturday.  But then, in true Dachshund style, she went BACK to SSD on Sunday.  ROTFL!  She is so darn cute!  Tater is CH Doxikota Payton v Ruger MW (1/2 JE), LOL! She lives at Ruger and is co-owned by Pam Bethke, her breeder.

Miss Midge, the Canadian over-achiever (LOL!), earned her JE in two tries the first weekend and earned one SE leg the second weekend.  She did her recall both days, in 17 seconds the first day and in 12 the second day.  Midge, in two weeks, earned all the titles she has with very little to no training.  She is the BEST dog I have ever handled in the field (and I've handled a LOT).  Consistent, animated, accurate, and incredibly biddable.  Not to mention she consistently and properly voices on scent.  Our fingers are crossed that her breeding to DC Maximus took and we will have more little overachievers a couple of weeks before Christmas!  Midge is now FC Doxikota Malibu Midge MS, JE.  Her owner is Meghan Green in Parksville, BC.  Pam is her breeder and co-owner and I temporarily co-own her for this litter.

DC Maximus made some good progress and Evie JE is now back to barking at the rats in Senior, but she won't recall at all!  ROTFL!  CH Ryan is taking a break, as we are worried she is getting bored.  Also, newcomer Monte, Rumor's Comte de Monte Cristo v Ruger (conformation pointed) figured out how much fun it is to bark at rats and we expect he will be headed towards a JE in the Spring.  We already planned for Tania SE to take a break this fall and we will try for that last ME leg in the spring.  DC Gracchus JE has one SE leg and is getting really, uh, "creative" with Earthdog, so he is on a break indefinitely.  LOL!

We have one more show weekend this weekend and then nothing until February.  In the meantime, some of my brood will be working on obedience and the others on tracking over the winter.  I have to kick myself in the behind and get going!!

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Meghan Green: awwww Midgey
Hi DR - Thanks for posting the information on the Earthdog and all the compliments heaped on little miss Midgey! She seems to be having a great time down there, and although I miss her to pieces, I am so glad she had an opportunity to prove herself and had your expert handling!

Thanks again! Lookng forward to seeing if there are little ones on the way.

November 04, 2008
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