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Thursday, 25 September 2008 09:14

Things have been pretty busy here...the mortgage market is crazier than normal and we are getting ready for the October Field Trials; back to back weekends in Roscoe, IL.  Two weeks 1000 miles from home with 14+ dogs is an event that takes some planning.  As I pack for this trip, I am a bit sad, as unless things look up in the markets, these may be my last field trials for some time.  The closest field trials to Denver are these in Roscoe and then the trials in Ladonia, TX.  It's expensive to attend and we have to watch our pennies these days, just like everyone else.

Anyway, back to the news we have delayed posting in the last couple of weeks...

gracchus_tate_dirty_nose_sm.gifGracchus & Payton; Here's A Little Dirt In Your Eye! Tongue out

Last weekend, on the 20th, Payton went to the Grand Junction shows with our friend, Holly Jorgensen.  Holly owns Pippi, who is a smooth CH Reilly x Tania SE, ROMX daughter.  I had some work to do that weekend, so Holly offered to show Tater for me.  Payton, who needed a single point to finish her Championship, went WB/BOW/BOS over a specials bitch to earn a 4 point major to finish under judge David Michael Powers.  So now Payton is officially known as CH Doxikota Payton v Ruger MW!

Even more exciting, because it's been such a long road for Gracchus and his Championship, was Sunday the 21st.  Gracchus has needed only 1 major to finish for such a long time and he finished with 18 major reserves!! So many times SO close!  Gracchus was in Montana with our handler, Monica Lamontagne.  I love to show my own dogs, but Gracchus needed a major and smooth majors have dried up around here in the last year and a half.  I can't afford the money and time away from work to travel to all of the places there were smooth majors, so I decided to send Gracchus with Monica.  This was the third weekend he was out with her and the third time was a charm!  On the last day of the circuit, under judge Dr. Richard Greathouse, Gracchus went WD for a 4 point major to finish his bench championship and become a Dual Champion!  He is now officially DC Sunrise Ruger Gracchus MS, JE!  As soon as we have finishing pix for both Gracchus & Tater, we will share them with everyone. Laughing

tania_earthdog_0908_3.gifTania & I completing the honoring portion of the Master Earthdog test

The weekend of the 13th and 14th found us at the CDC & RMEC Earthdog Tests in Bellvue, Colorado.  All of the entered dogs did very well and had fun.  Maximus, Ryan and Sidney were all entered in Junior.  Sidney came the closest and probably would have passed on Saturday, except her handler (DUMB ME) forgot to remove her collar before releasing her.  She did pass Intro and will probably follow in the footsteps of her dam, Tania, and her siblings very soon.  Gracchus and Evie were both entered in one test in Senior, but both of them need some work.  Despite having some issues with the indicating portion of the Master test, Tania did get one additional Master leg this weekend and she now only needs one Master leg for her ME title.  However, we think we are going to hold her out until Spring...I think she will do better if we do that and my motto is anything worth having is worth waiting for....


Tibère trying his paw at Earthdog.  He is owned by Uwe & Helèné Pahlen from Granby, CO and is a DC Gracchus JE x CH Mali son


Tania looks to me as if to ask, "Hey Mom, is it okay if I bark at the rats behind this board?"

Sure, babe!


It's almost Sidney's turn in Junior!   Sidney is owned by Shawn Lightfoot from Arvada, CO and is a CH Guinness x Tania SE, ROMX daughter.


Ryan is Miss Perky, heading from the flag to the tunnel in Junior


Tania indicating that the rats are in the tunnel on the other side of the slide board


Tiny Sidney did a fabulous job in Junior; here I am taking her out of the tunnel

Thanks to AKC rep Barb Teigen for all of these great Earthdog pix!

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Melissa: ...
Congrats on all of the great news! We sure missed you this weekend in Westminster but we all know how crazy it is right now. Come join us and crop doggie photos, soon! Love, Mel

September 28, 2008
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