Ball Lust is the Name of the Game in This House
Sunday, 24 August 2008 14:11

Miss Evie-Sneaky is, well, oh-so-sneaky about what she wants:

evie_ball_sneak_1.gif evie_ball_sneak_2.gif

Into the tack box to get her coveted prize, which is a felted wool ball.  She was very serruptitious about it.  Balls are the MITs here...Most Important Toys.  I always wanted Dachshunds who loved ball.  All I have learned from that wish is that I should be careful what I wish for!  LOL!  It's ball 24/7 here.  And it would be okay, except I have dogs who are supersonic about ball, especially Evie.  If the Primary Ball (PB) is being thrown or is up for grabs, her barking will split your ears.  We are working on bringing that down a few notches!  Her dam, Tania, will bark for hours if I let her.  Tania always wants the PB, which is usually whatever ball Gracchus is playing with.  She, Gracchus, and Payton will only play with the PB.  They are not swayed by SBs (Secondary Balls), even if they are the exact same brand/size as the current PB.  Evie, Ryan and Maximus definitely can be lured by SBs, but Evie really, truly wants to have the PB, even though she is willing to be temporarily courted by the imposters.  The PB is always different, depending on who started the game.  This game was all Evie, as you can see.





Don't feel too sorry for the ball stalkers; Maximus and Gracchus in the foreground of the first three pix; Maple in the backgound of all four pix, and Tania in the background of the fourth.  They all definitely get their share of ball time...this just happened to be Evie's day and she just loves to have the PB; everyone's object of desire.  :)  Maple is a FC Gracchus JE ex CH Lydia daughter bred by Pam.  Maple is visiting while her owners, Dave and Anna, are getting married in Michigan.

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Connie: Too true.
I love the expressions on all the dogs! Soo funny!

August 29, 2008
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Melissa: ...
Ball lust is huge in our house too! Guess that comes from having a "Grachy" daughter. LOVE the new pics. Hope you are all doing well. Miss you all! smilies/smiley.gif

August 28, 2008
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Leigh: Excellent dach owner
SO glad you kept Evie Stevie out of that litter...she is so funny!

August 25, 2008
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