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Friday, 09 May 2008 07:52

evie_first_catch.gifOkay, this child NEVER fails to surprise me. She's 7 months old and about 7 pounds. And she catches a SQUIRREL all by herself this morning. By the looks of it, it was a young, healthy; albeit stupid, squirrel. Talk about a morning surprise!

Hopefully this will be a good warning to the other squirrels to stay out of the yard and stop teasing the Dachshunds, though somehow I doubt it. Tongue out We thought about putting the squirrel on a pike on the fence to warn away the other squirrels (ala feudal England), but it would get stinky and we would probably not get the Dachshunds to leave it for about a week.

Never a dull moment!

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Christine Kim: *Take a Bow*~!
Yippy says... "You're My HeRo Evie~!!!!"

May 13, 2008
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Tracey Mason: She's adoreable!
May 11, 2008
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Matt Mason: Seven Pounds of Power!
May 11, 2008
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