Where, Oh Where Have I Been....
Monday, 08 August 2011 00:00

Obviously, I've been AWOL from the website for about the last seven months.  I would love to tell you reasons that include:

  1. Traveling to warm locales
  2. Drinking wine
  3. Taking an Alaskan cruise
  4. Playing dogs 24/7
  5. Touring Italy

Sadly, all of those reasons would be lies.  The real reasons are far more boring.

First I had two litters of puppies totalling eight pups in January.  Yes, two.  A week apart.  My brain took a vacation to France without me in late November and I bred two bitches a few days apart.  I was quite surprised in January.  Eight puppies is twice as many as my prior biggest litter.  Busy, busy. 

And then, Facebook.  Really, do I have to say more?  It's so much easier just to pop on there and update my status than it is to write a blog post.  Or, for even more brevity, post a Tweet on Twitter which updates Facebook.  I am really thinking about breaking up with Facebook and getting back together with my website.  We'll see.

And lastly, our mortgage business succumbed to the housing bubble (thanks to Frank, Dodds & Co and the Community Reinvestment Act) and finally, completely bit the dust.  So it was time to find good jobs.  For which we are still looking, along with what seems like half of the free world, but we have a couple of gigs in the meantime.

I will try to be better.  Every day is an adventure and I am trying to just be happy to still be swimming along.  :)

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