Accelerated Milk Punch & A Roaring Fire To Ring In 2011
Friday, 31 December 2010 18:51

Well, with Jody working on his New Year's Resolution of making more money, I am playing dairy girl to ring in the new year.  Don't worry, I am ferrying goodies to him and he will be out presently.  Cheese Balls and Milk Punch abound!

We also have a roaring fire going...I think Jody knocked down some poor soul's shed for this wood!  ???



So, I was really excited about Smitten Kitchen's Milk Punch, because I have been on a White Russian kick lately.  However, we are out of Kahlua and that just doesn't make for a tasty White Russian.  I had all the goodies on hand to make this, but I didn't want to wait 3-4 hours while the milk/bouborn/sugar/vanilla mixture froze in the freezer.  For once, I was able to get creative.  I always keep my Cuisinart ice cream maker bowls in the freezer.  Not only was I uncharacteristically creative, but I was PREPARED!  My momma is surely proud.

Here you go...follow the recipe at Smitten Kitchen (I used 3/2 milk to half and half) and here is what you get:



Yummo!  Get out your ice cream maker and assemble it:



And pour your milk mixture in the already running ice cream maker:



30-40 minutes later, violà!  Frozen Milk Punch!  Less Waiting!  More Drinking!



Top with a little nutmeg and you are good to go.  This stuff is WAY better than I imagined it would be.  Jody gives it all thumbs up.



And now we are spending the rest of the night trying to keep the dogs' noses out of our cups.

Happy New Year!!


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