Maxi-B's Christmas Bling
Saturday, 25 December 2010 11:51

Our puppy people often send us gifts at Christmas...we so appreciate and love them dearly.  Occasionally, the dogs will get some treats from other folks.  But this year, Maximus got some BLING from one of his sons. 

We checked the PO Box a week ago when we were mailing packages for our families.  At 11 o'clock at night, no less.  

This package was in the box:


Maximus is getting his OWN mail!  LOL!

Inside the package was a blue bling/collar/necklace thingy, and this gift tag:


This struck Jody and I as totally funny.  We laughed and laughed until we had tears in our eyes.

Fred is a very fancy Maximus son bred by Lois Ballard and owned by Cathy Thompson.  Cathy is a very, very funny lady and we love her.  You can read all about Fred here.

Every few minutes, all the way home, I said "To Dad.  From Fred." and Jody and I would laugh and laugh.

I can't really tell you why we found this so funny.  We are still laughing a week later.  Perhaps having 8 dogs in the house has warped our brains?  Maybe it's the 22 pans of Pioneer Woman Cinnamon Rolls I've baked this week?  Sugar coma?  Don't know, but it makes us laugh every single time.

Meanwhile, Maximus has taken quite well to his bling:



He is a little bored with all of us little people who are sans bling.



Can one of the peons get him some goodies?  Maybe a drinkie poo?



"Oh, please!  Will y'all call off the paparazzi already?"



"Mom.  Really?  Can you put the camera away?"



Oh, Maxi-B.  You are the cutest lil so-n-so!


He has kept this thing on for a solid week and he hasn't messed with it at all.  I think we might have to get him more bling! 

Thank you, Cathy!!  :)

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