Elliot & Griffin: Car Sharks
Saturday, 20 November 2010 13:39

Anyone who knows me knows I don't often drive with loose dogs in the car.  These little guys aren't bigger than a newborn baby and if someone crashed into me, they'd be seriously injured or worse.  Plus, could you just imagine driving with 9 dogs running around?  I suppose if they were more used to it, they would just curl up and sleep, but I normally err on the side of caution and just crate them for car trips.

Car crates!

Until today.

I was running by a local raw food distributor to grab some goodies for Uwe & Hèléna's Tibèré.  All the dogs were still in their crates from breakfast except the older two boys, Elliot & Griffin.  They gave me the Look when I grabbed the keys, so I decided to take them. Because the food distributor is so close to my house, I let the boys be loose in the van.  We got there and I left the car running because I was just right there and it was kinda chilly outside. They had fun barking at the windows and when I brought the box of food to put on the passenger side floorboard, they got to say an excited 'hello' to Bonnie.

While I was out, I thought I would stop by our neighborhood bakery, A Taste of Denmark, to get some homemade bread.  Again, since it was a quiet little neighborhood spot, I left the van running and zoomed into the bakery and back out with my bread.  They were just having fun barkin' their heads off.

I had heard on Facebook that Starbucks had a buy one get one free holiday drink promo going on this weekend, so I decided to round out my errand running with a Eggnog Latté for Jody and I.

Again, I left the car running...even though this was a little busier spot, I figured no one was going to try to jack a late model Toyota Sienna with two sharks in the front seat. I grabbed my latté (the BOGO was only for 2-5 pm, FYI) and ran back out.  As soon as I opened the Starbuck's door, I thought, "Wow, how is the barking *that* loud?"

And then I saw my two Hooligans, barking like maniacs out the passenger side window, which was completely rolled down.


As I walked in front of the van to get to the passenger door, Elliot jumped on the steering wheel and HONKED the horn at me.

Twice.  God is my witness.

Then I tried to open the driver's side door and it was LOCKED.  I am not even kidding.  I can't make this stuff up.  I don't have that much imagination.

I started laughing and said a quick prayer of thanks that if they HAD to lock the doors, at least they rolled a window down.  And that if they hadn't, I did take my phone in.  I'd left it in the car at the last two stops.

When I came back around to the driver's side after unlocking the car, this is what greeted me:


Who? Us?
What? We didn't do anything! The bread is still here!

Sorry about the picture.  All I had on me was my iPhone. 

I called my momma and told her about my hooligans and we laughed until we both had tears running down our faces.

These dogs... How boring would my life be without them?

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