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Dodgerslist is an online website and community that provides support and education for families with dogs who are facing or who have experienced IVDD, or Intervertebral Disc Disease.  IVDD can happen to any breed of dog, but is most common in chondrodysplatic breeds like Dachsunds and other short-limbed dogs.  Dodgerslist has worked very hard to produce a DVD to educate people about the symptoms of IVDD so it can be caught early and the options they have if they have a dog who develops IVDD.  It's my opinion that recognizing signs and symptoms EARLY and beginning treatment immediately (prednisone, muscle relaxers & strict crate rest) leads to many more positive outcomes. 

Dodgerlist is offering anyone a copy of this DVD for only $3, which includes shipping costs.  There is no reason for any person who owns a chondrodysplastic breed to not have this DVD in their possession.  You can pay by Paypal or by check.  Please, if you do just one thing today, order this DVD. Click the DL banner to go to the DVD order form.

From Linda Stowe, the Founder of Dodgerslist, on the importance of buying this $3 DVD:

I can't stress enough how every dachshund owner needs this DVD. It is very good and thorough on taking care of an IVDD dog as well as recognizing the symptoms and signs. We've also been told by some surgical vet techs that every general vet should have one of these. It is very important that we educate.

We can save lives and save other dogs from becoming permanently paralyzed by recognizing the symptoms early. Dodgers put a lot of time and thought into this DVD making it easy and simple to understand and trying to cover all phases of care and treatments. There is a segment from Dr. Lawson, of Glacier Animal Hospital discussing IVDD which is very very good.

The cost is only $3.00 and that covers shipping, so there is really no reason why everyone should not be able to have one. If for some reason you can't afford one, write me and I will be more then happy to send you one. So please please order one for yourself and one for your vet and any other friend that has a Dachshund.

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