Can Evie Help With Your Computer?
Tuesday, 29 June 2010 08:31

So, I couldn't figure out how the wireless button kept getting turned off on the webcam computer.  I moved Evie and her puppy from the dining room to the spare bedroom because of my Creative Memories party last Saturday and the problems started then.  Other, weird things kept happening to that computer and I thought maybe I was hitting buttons somehow when I updated the webcam status.  I even wondered if there was a problem with the computer in that room.  Heck, I wondered if there was a problem with me!

Shush.  I do not want to hear what I know y'all are thinking.

Well, this morning Jody discovered what was happening:

Get Me Outta Here!

Evie was jumping out of her 30" puppy pen (with the floor lowered to 18") onto the grooming table that holds the laptop and the webcam.  And obviously, there isn't much room up there, so she was standing on the laptop keyboard.

Poor girl.  She is bored with just one puppy, so we did a little clicker work just now and she is as happy as a clam.


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