Memorial Day 2010 @ Ruger
Tuesday, 01 June 2010 11:03

So, like lots of you, we cleaned this weekend.  We cleaned and cleaned and then we cleaned some more.  Cleaned out the shed, cleaned off the deck.  If I had a brain, I would have taken pictures.  But I was just too busy.  All the while, my thoughts were with our Veterans and their families.  Most especially the soldiers who have died while serving our country.  My grandfather served in Pearl Harbor and in the Phillipines during WWII.  I have uncles who served in Korea.  I can't imagine there are very many people in this country who aren't related in some way to someone who has served our country.  Their sacrifice and that of their families is something we can never, ever forget.

We decided to top off the cleaning-fest with a little cookout and a hike.  My Grandpa Mack would have enjoyed both.  First, the cookout:


OMG, How Do I Get That In My Mouth and PW's Restaurant Style Smashed Potatoes


Honey's food. Another OMG With An Added Brat and Some Stuff I Cannot Identify

It was a pretty yummy burger.  Burger, bacon, sharp cheddar, grilled mushrooms and onions, tomato, lettuce, mayo and dijon.  I can't remember the last time we had a burger. And Pioneer Woman's Restaurant-Style Smashed Potatoes.  I *did* use less butter, people!

I could not eat it all.  Jody ate everything.  He would not let me take a picture of his empty plate, but here's mine:


I Couldn't Eat It All

But I cannot feel too smug.  I shared the 'taters with the hooligans, but I ate the other half of the burger, cold, before I went to bed. <sigh>

So, after our big 'ol dinner, we decided we needed to work of some of the deliciousness, so we took Maximus, Ryan and Finn (hello, help with his pooping troubles!) with us to hike to the top of Green Mountain.  I also took my camera and water and poop bags. My hands were full.

For once, instead of taking a zillion pictures of hooligan butts like I normally do, I took pictures of the mountain (admittedly a wimpy one by CO standards; only 6800 feet) and wildflowers.  Here in Colorado, we have some of the loveliest wildflowers.  It's amazing they can grow in the oftentimes harsh conditions of a high plains desert...but they do, with nary a sprinkler in sight.  We also saw some mule deer, but I needed a tripod to zoom in that far and still keep the pictures clear.  Two Dachshunds pulling on me doesn't help.  Neither does the fact that I just hiked up about 1500 ft in elevation in only about a mile and a half!  Here are a few of my favorites of the bunch.  The rest are in a set on Flickr.

gm_053110_1_rs gm_flower_1_053110_rs
gm_flower_4_053110_rs gm_flower_14_053110_rs
gm_053110_2_rs gm_flower_16_053110_rs
gm_flower_13_053110_rs gm_flower_7_053110_rs
gm_flower_26_053110_rs gm_053110_5_rs
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