Tuesday, 27 April 2010 12:18

NAUGHTY!  I am naughty, naughty.  And I'm going to blame it all on Jen Abersold, who, if she had her way, would have had me buy about 4 pairs, along with a Friesian horse and a hot cowboy with his own dang boots.  I think the horse would have been shipped to Jen.  We would have to share custody of the hot cowboy.

Anyway, the fruit of my naughtiness?  Boots.  Beautiful, but not too fussy, boots:


Aren't those CUTE!  I didn't notice the blue stitching on the picture.  I LUV blue!!  And they fit!  Even my monster-muscled calves from all the squatting I do with these dang Dachshunds.Why couldn't some of these huge leg muscles I have be in my abs?  Minus the lovehandles from Ree Drummond's cooking, of course.  Are you sensing the theme here?  Nothing is MY fault.  Nope.  Nosirrrybob!  I am just a leaf in the stream...

My skinny legged jeans are in the wash, so pictures of the boots on my boot cut jeans clad leg is all you're gonna get for now.


Yeehaw!  These are comfy!


So now I get to put these on to muck out my paddock.  I'm pretending today.  Instead of a yard full of wiener dogs, I have a corral of ponies.  And a hot cowboy.

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