The Pick-Me-Up For ME, or LOVE
Wednesday, 21 April 2010 09:25

A couple of people recently commented that when they need a boost, they go re-read a particular post on my blog.  Really?  I am sure they are the posts where I do something dumb. 

I think that's what most of them are about, anyway.  My doing things that make regular people think, "Really?  She didn't know that?" while they are rolling their eyes.  Argh.  I can be so dense.

So I thought I would share one of my standard go-tos when I need a pick-me-up.  This card was created by Leigh Tyson, otherwise known around the 'net as "Miss Doxie", writer of the freakin' HEE-LAR-I-OUS blog  Currently, Leigh is now in LOVE and ENGAGED (!!) to a handsome man with a penchant for kittehs and Miss Doxie, so her blog has not been very active for, well, I think a couple of years.  But the archives alone....well, I have laughed so hard reading some of those posts as to almost ruin a laptop by spewing Diet Coke all over it.  And that was after I read the dang things years before when they were first posted! [Dis girlee is soooo simple!]  Be aware that if you are sensitive about reading four letter words, you should avoid reading Miss Doxie.  But that would totally be your loss! 

Bo, the naughty doxie, is my favorite:


Now Bo An Angry Teenager. ROLL EYES. Family SO STUPID.

Heee. Poor Bo. He lives a life of misery.

I just totally stole that from Miss Doxie's site.  Nice, eh?

Anyways, at one point Leigh created a line of cute lil postcards and jewelery and my favorite, teeney little buttons with drawrings (yes, that is how I meant to spell it) of Bo saying things like, "short, brown, mad..."  [Hint: Don't ask me to share my teeny buttons.  I won't.]  This was at, but that, of course, went by the wayside for actual Work and True Love.  But I am sure it will come back.  We married people know how that goes....

Anyway, this is my favorite Bo, Help-Your-Dog-Fill-In-The-Blank, postcard:


I can't tell you exactly why, but this postcard makes me laugh out loud.  Every. Single. Time.

It's on the side of my fridge.  Permanently.

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