"Where am I?" or Dog Shows & Scrapbooking
Wednesday, 14 April 2010 19:45

This should really be titled: "How I Lost My Mind in 48 Hours". 

melissa_2010_wlcMy dear friend, Melissa Magerfleisch (who is THE BEST Creative Memories consultant, E-Ver!) wanted me to come with her to the World's Largest Crop at the Denver Merchandise Mart on April 10th.  Problem was, it was a weekend of the Terry-All dog show.  The show was just up the road from the Mart at the Adams County Fairgrounds (or, The Adams County Regional Park.  This will become important later).  I had committed to showing Axel, a boy I bred and another gal's wild standard wire child, Ruby.  Plus, I wanted to show Ryan to the two Dachshund breeders who were scheduled to judge that weekend.  And we can't forget little orphan Finney.  Luckily, wires showed first thing on Saturday, so I wasn't going to miss much of the crop.  I would just skip showing Finn, who wasn't scheduled until about 11am.  The plan was, I would go to the show, show the wires, and then Jody would come pick them up from me at the Fairgrounds and I would run over to the scrapbooking event.  There is a golf course right next to the show site that Jody has played at (is "played" what you do in golfing?) and we had, in the past, often talked about these two places being right next to each other.  Holly Jorgensen, bless her heart, wasn't showing that weekend, but agreed to drive all the way down from Evergreen both days to show Ryan if I needed her to.

So, I felt set, even though it was going to be a hectic weekend.  Jody knew where to be, Holly was going to be a huge help, and hopefully we would do a 'lil winnin'!!  LOL.  The best laid plans...I should have known when Jody, the night before, talked about meeting at the golf course at a little dirt area at a "T".  He talked about getting there via 120th.  I said, I always go I-76 to 85.  Neither of us knew how to go the other person's way.  There was DEFINITELY foreshadowing going on there, but I was too dumb/tired/busy to listen to my little voice, which said, "Alert.  ALERT.  Y'all should be going the SAME WAY."  I would like to fully disclose I am not the best when it comes to directions.  Neither is Jody, but he doesn't like to admit it.  He is, however, usually better than me.

So, at the Saturday show, Axel and Ruby each got Reserve.  Ryan, however, goes Best of Variety and Holly agrees to stay and show her in Group that afternoon.  I had told Jody to be there around 9, but it could be later and that would be okay.  At 9:40, I decide to call him and make sure he is there...I did remind him to take his iPhone, which is equipped with GPS.  He *never* remembers his phone.

Me:  Hi Honey.  Where are you at?

Jody:  I'm at the golf course, but I don't think it's next to the Fairgrounds.

Me:  What?  I thought we've discussed this in the past...these two places are right next to each other.

Jody:  Well, I'm next to Adams County Regional Park.  I'm at 128th and Riverdale Road.  Where am I at? [I had NO idea where this was; in true Colorado fashion, the street sign on the road running next to the Fairgrounds said "Henderson Rd" but turns out it is ALSO E 124th Ave]

Me:  I have no idea where that is.  I'm on Henderson Road.

Jody: Well, I think I am at a different golf course than you were talking about.  I am near the Adams County Regional Park.

Me: How could you be at a DIFFERENT golf course??  We've talked about this!  I've always known this as the Adams County Fairgrounds, but...

Jody:  What golf course are you next to?

Me:  I don't know.  I've never driven past the golf course...I turn BEFORE the golf course.

Jody: Jesus.  Where am I, then?  I'm at 128th and Riverdale!  Where is that?

Me:  DUDE!  How in the world would I know where YOU are?  [If I KNEW where HE was, would we be having this conversation??]

Jody:  Well, I don't know what I am supposed to do.  I guess I could get off the phone and try to figure it out!  Christ! [Uh, yes, you do have GPS on your phone and it will tell you were you are, but just not in relation to me.]

Me: (looking at phone) ****, ****, ****, ****!!!!!!  ARGH!!!! [Holly is next to me, near the outside vending area, laughing her skinny little butt off]

So then, probably hearing by my four letter words that I was frustrated (I sort of totally forgot I was in a public place), a very nice older teenage boy walked up and gave me directions to get Jody over from the golf course.  Thank you tons, you sweet kid!

I was parked where I could watch the front entrance.  I saw the 4-Runner and Jody.  I called him.  He saw me.  I said, go behind that building between us and park in the back parking lot.  So, of course, he went about 1/2 mile too far to the left all the way to the barns, while griping that he would have known where I was if ONLY I HAD CALLED the place I was at by the PROPER NAME - the Adams County Regional Park, NOT the fairgrounds.  Oh, and if I know where he is, why don't I come get HIM.  Because even though he saw me, now he doesn't want to figure out how to get back to me.

OH.  MY.  GOD-IN-HEAVEN.   I mean, *seriously*??  "Where am I?"  ROTFLMAO!

So, Jody got the dog.  I made it to the scrapbooking event.  Had a great time with Melissa and the other ladies. Holly brought Ryan to me after Group. Everyone was shocked when I took her out of her softsided crate after she'd been there for quite awhile.  "She is so well-behaved!"  Yup, that's how she's supposed to be!  After all of this, I probably needed a beer, but I wasn't going to pay $10 for Coors Light.  LOL!

The next day, Axel won Winner's Dog, Ruby won a major going Winner's Bitch, Best of Winners and Best Opposite Sex.  Ryan didn't do nuthin', as I was in the ring with Axel at the same time and she is mommified.  She wasn't embarrassing, but didn't do her best.  Finney went Best Opposite over a male champion, so he got another single point.  A Maximus son, CH Tucker (Am/UKC/Intl CH Rumor's Leon's Last Wish v Ruger), won the breed on Sunday and went on to a Hound Group 2!!!  Yay, Tucker!

And, thank the Lord, I didn't have to try to meet up with anyone who didn't know where they were the rest of the weekend. 


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