Little Orphan Finney
Monday, 29 March 2010 21:14

Poor Finn.  Seriously.  Some great dog mom I am.  He is *positive* I have orphaned him not once, but twice in the last 8 days.  If he could dial the phone, he would be calling someone who felt sorry for him.  Possibly my mom.  Or maybe Katie's mom.  Anyones who CARES abouts hims!  This last sentence was out of Finn's own mouth.  No kidding.

So, originally the plan was that when Ryan came into season, Finn, who is a total PITA when there are girls in, would go to Katie's; Hazel's owner, for those of you who really cannot keep track of your own houses, let alone mine - that would be all of y'all, right?  But Melissa and her boys (owners of Chewie, Hallie and Mali) wanted to keep him, too, so we decided to split up Ryan's last two weeks of being in season between Katie and Melissa.  I took Finn up to Melissa's a week ago today and dropped him off.  He proceeded to cry piteously once I had left.  Not for ten minutes, not for an hour.  HE CRIED UNTIL THE NEXT MORNING.  Now, he did this as a pup, but while he's still puppy-ish, he is 15 months of age.  Well on his way to manhood on the dog timetable.  So, after the first (read: LONG) night, he was pretty okay.  Melissa had a lot of fun with him, and as with most attempts at doggy socialization, he was no worse for the wear.  It's good for him to be away from us and learn he doesn't die.  He had fun; here is the proof:


Finn whoops it up with his great uncle, FC Chewie

So today, it was Katie's turn to take Finn.  Katie is up in Lafayette, near Boulder.  We decided we would meet at Melissa's house and I would give Hazel her next vaccine and then Katie would take Finn home.  Finn was racin' around in the backyard, having a good 'ol time, playing with everyone.  Especially Hazel, who was his good bud at my house just a few weeks ago.  Now remember, FINN was LOVING playing with 15 week old Hazel!  LOVING IT!  Katie calls me tonight and Finn is, you guessed it, crying.  Piteously.  Non-stop.  Hazel is trying desperately, at this minute, to get him to play with her, but he's having NONE of it.  Katie sent a picture from her phone (pardon the poor quality) and this note: 

I know it's a little blurry but this photo totally captures the atmosphere right now on Corinth Circle-- Hazel 'viciously' attacking a very vulnerable, perhaps even suicidal, Finn. Lol!


OMG.  I am so sads.  Plz send help.

Dude.  Tomorrow's a whole new day, little man.  Try to get some sleep.

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