So much fun with Photoshop..thanks to PW!
Thursday, 18 March 2010 19:18

Okay, I pretty much got nothing done today.  Wait.  I did go to pilates class.  I also traded (at 6:30 am, bleh).  Oh, and I did pick up poo and toys so they can be washed.  I also made homemade pizza for dinner.  Getting the poo and toys up was important.  It was 66 here today and by tomorrow this time, we are supposed to have 10 inches of snow.  I love this place!  Anyway, I am getting off track.  I guess I accomplished more than I thought; but I still didn't do the big things I wanted to.  Why?  Because of Photoshop.  And Pioneer Woman.  And my dogs whom I am in love with.

I always thought this picture of Maxi-B was a neat picture.  My friend Moira took it.  A little bokeh, cool's a neat picture! Moira has an awesome camera; way better (read faster and higher res) than my crappy point and shoot.


But I have learned that almost every picture can be improved!  Even by people like me who don't have a clue what they are doing.  How, you ask?  Well, thanks to Pioneer Woman's tutorials on Photoshop and her FREE PS ACTIONS!  So flippin' cool!

Here's Moira's Maximus picture after a little crop and some PW Actions:


Cool, eh?  Go check out PW's Photography blog.  I learned more there about PS in 10 minutes than I had learned in the previous 6 years.  Thanks, Ree!

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Sherri, Maddie & Danielle: Guilt, guilt, guilt!
OM Dog, DR, this pic of Maxi made our hearts sing....but our minds heavy with guilt cuz we have these gorgeous Maxi babes here that we must get out and get something to brag about! I think Betty will have Maxine at Terry All and I will fwd this delightful blog addy to the Reyes' in San Jose and see how "Allie" is doing! Enjoy photoshop....well worth the time spent...useful & fun too!
Be well! Stay warm. Ciao, ciao..."ci vediamo tra poco" (see you soon!)

S, M & D....Smoochy, Red & the "herd" at Vagabond

March 19, 2010
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