The Best Day of My Year, or OMGOMGOMG!!
Sunday, 14 March 2010 18:09

This day started out pretty well to begin with, considering I didn't officially get to bed last night until 2:30 am (with DST)...Got up at 9:30 (!!), hung with Jody & the Hooligans.  Read hilarious stories about Pioneer Woman's brother, Mike, out loud to Jody.  Then we took a mouthwatering ride through PW's recipes until I got hung up on the Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich and Jody got hung up on Bread Pudding.  We decided to round out our Cheating Day Menu with Crash Hot Potatoes.  Not a green thing ANYWHERE.  Yay!

Before we got sidetracked into PW's recipes (thanks a LOT, PW!), I planned on cleaning out and under the fridge and ripping apart the groaning Metro shelving unit that carries the weight of my 582-ish cookbooks. That needs cleaning, too.  (Notice the tense.  Yup, it still needs cleanin'!) Anyway, I wanted to clean the shelving unit because I was hoping my lost ring had somehow fallen down between cookbooks or maybe had been kicked under the fridge.  Hope springs eternal.  The gym, of course, was on the list and now I had a bunch of food to make.

I ran to the store to pickup the couple of things I needed to make PW's delish sounding recipes.  I came back and played Patti Prep Cook.  The plan was that when dogs were picked up, we could go straight to the gym, then come back and have everything ready to cook so we could eat our naughty meal before the witching hour - 6 pm.  No food after 6 pm.  Does it matter if you eat food with 750 pats of butter after 6?  Does eating before 6 really make it better?  Exactly how much butter is in a 'pat'? These are the kinds of mind-sucking topics I think about.

Anyway, two families arrived to relieve me of their Hooligans.  First was Uwe & Hélèna for Tibérè and then Alan & Ute for Axel.  Alan & Ute brought me some pineapple RUM from their Caribbean cruise (remember, RUM rhymes with YUM, people!) and we were discussing Axel while Jody kept chatty me on track, getting stuff in the car for the gym, running some last minute things down to the basement, etc.  Anyway, I get Axel's people on their way and we get in the car and Jody holds up his closed fist and says, "I have something for you and now you owe me a XXX."

No, I am not publicly discussing that for which "XXX" stands.  This is a family friendly website and the worst word I will ever use here is "bitch" in reference to a female canine.  Besides, most of you can figure that one out and if you know Jody, then you don't need me to tell you *anything*.

Back to the I am sitting there thinking, "What on earth did this man get into while my back was turned?" and I hold out my hand and he drops this into my waiting palm:


I think my heart skipped several beats.  And then the screaming and kissing and more screaming commenced.  Then I said (calmly and politely, mind you), "OMGOMG WHERE DID YOU FIND IT???!??" He was laughing and told me I would never believe it.  He had decided to move the load of laundry I had put in the washer earlier into the dryer.  It consisted of some fleece blankets, my robe and some dish towels.  He thought he heard something heavy clunk into the dryer with the first handful, but figured it was a zipper.  This is probably because I put zippers into all of my fleece blankets and tea towels and robes. Seriously. Then, when he tossed in the second handful, he heard it again.  He looked in the dryer again and there, nestled next to all the zippers, was MY RING!!  (Did I say OMG!?) It had been in the POCKET of my ROBE for nearly 3 weeks!!  Now you know two more things about me.  I have more than one robe and I don't do laundry in a timely manner.

I called my mama and screamed.  I think I hurt her ear, the poor thing.  Then I went to the gym and did my level 18 Hill Climb for 42 minutes with the goofiest grin on my face.

Then I drank pineapple rum with pineapple juice and cooked and ate the best and biggest meal I've had in a long time.  No room for bread pudding.  I had to go wash my face because while I was cooking, I think I was really, truly sweating butter.  Thanks a lot, Ree!

Then Tania took advantage of me while I was cooking and celebrating and she ate my training bait bag.  Pix of that tomorrow. But really, WHO CARES?

On the agenda for tomorrow: Jeweler for an appraisal and then a call to our insurance agent!  OMG!!


Hello, Pineapple RUM! Where have you been all my life?


PW's Bread Puddin' before cookin'...


PW dinner. Couldn't wait for the taters to brown up.  YUM!

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