When Life Hands You Lemons, You Might Have To Make Hot Poop Soup...
Sunday, 07 March 2010 14:27

scott_kay_ring.jpgIf you are my friend on Facebook, you know all about the loss of my wedding ring.  The TEMPORARY loss, that it.  I have misplaced my engagement ring...and the durn thing was so expensive, I wear it as my wedding ring, too.  When we bought it, I chose a pretty, large sapphire for it, thinking that would be less expensive than a diamond.  I like color and the band was necessarily platinum (I don't like gold and I am HARD on pretty things), so I thought choosing a stone other than a diamond would save us some money over a diamond.  Not so much. To add insult to injury, when we switched homeowner's insurance a couple of years ago, my husband forgot to add a rider for my ring.  So it's not completely insured.  And no, I am not going to commit insurance fraud, people!  Karma!

Look to the upper left and you will see the style of my Scott Kay ring...isn't it purty?  Platnium, .55 carats of flawless baguettes, and instead of that diamond center stone, it has a 2 carat princess cut sapphire.  If you find it, there is a BIG reward.  Ironically enough, my husband, who has never really worn his wedding band, recently lost enough weight for his to fit again.  He starts wearing his and I lose mine.  Maybe it's a cosmic thing that we can't both wear our rings at the same time...

I am thinking of having a cleaning/organizing/find-the-ring party at my house.  Anyone interested?  I would feed you really good food and drinks (not too strong; we have a ring to find!) and have a nice prize for the person who finds the ring!  Then when we find the ring, we can break out the 50 year old single malt and par-tay! I am thinking one to two people per room should be about right. Anyone?

I've also considered hypnosis to see if I can remember where in the $*@% I put it, an animal communicator to see if the dogs know where it is, and buying a plain wedding band.  I would imagine that the instant I buy something new, my ring will magically appear ON my finger.

To explain this entry title, when the ring went missing (2 weeks ago this Wednesday), we were dogsitting a standard Schnauzer who is somewhat famous for eating weird stuff.  So, in keeping with my new rule that nothing leaves this house to go in the garbage without being checked, I have a giant bucket of poop to check through.  Originally, I was going to crumble through it, double gloved.  Then, I thought about a metal detector.  Then, Guadalupe Rivera suggested I get a bucket of hot water to dissolve the poop and if the ring was in it, it would fall to the bottom.  I am pretty sure that would be Hot Poop Soup and I think I'd rather just buy a new ring.

It's always something goofy around here.  Wish me luck; I'm gonna need it.

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Melissa: Your life is too exciting for me. You could not have kids because they could not keep up. LOL.
Your kids would be journaling at school and the teachers would never believe them. Love you sister! Mel

March 07, 2010
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