There are Dreams and then there are Nightmares...
Saturday, 27 February 2010 08:34

graphic_horse.pngSo, I had a funny dream between waking up (early) with the puppy and getting back up for the day.  I am pretty sure it was meant to be a nightmare, but my glass is half full these days, right??

In the dream, I went to a friend's house and Jody stayed home with the zoo.  Somehow, the zoo had a horse added to it and the horse was living in the house.  The friend I was visiting had her computer up and the webcam (lol) in my house was trained on Jody, sitting on a dining room chair in the middle of a roundish room that had nothing in it but a beautiful Oriental rug.  And the zoo was, at varying times, milling around.  There were other people in the house with Jody; four, I think, but I don't know what they were doing or who they were.  I think they were some of my dog friends.  So my friend and I were watching the webcam, talking about the addition of the horse and that Jody should take her out to potty (again, lol).  Suddenly, she squatted like a dog and peed a lake.  We were screaming that she was peeing, but Jody, immersed in the newspaper, didn't realize it until it was too late.  I commented that he was going to be really annoyed about cleaning that up (it was pooling on the hardwood by the walls) and I turned off the computer so I didn't have to watch the webcam anymore.  I got home and the room was totally clean and the people with Jody had helped him clean it up. I think I dreamt this because I have been cleaning up added pee nonstop between my 10.5 week old pup and Topanga, one of our visitors.  Pang is a big submissive peer and she's submissive to EVERYONE.  LOL! Just call me the dream interpreter!  ~So clever!~ ROTFL!

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