Tuesday, 23 February 2010 12:08

How's that adage go....God never gives you more than you can handle?  Our load certainly isn't huge, but it gives new meaning to "zoo"!

Our dear friend Carol Henning's mother, Jean, was rushed to the ER Sunday night.  It turned out she has influenza (H1A1, maybe?) and bacterial meningitis.  She is one sick lady, but today appears to be much, much better.  Since Carol and her husband, James, are spending most waking hours at the hospital, 2 of Carol's dogs and both of Jean's dogs are here.  Which would not even be a blip on the radar were all four dogs Dachshunds.  However, only one is.  There are also two Manchester Terriers and a standard Schnauzer.  LOL!  Evie and Ryan are completely torqued that "their" house has been invaded by dogs who aren't Dachshunds.  Poppy (a Manchester) is enamored of Dali, the puppy.  Dali isn't thrilled with Poppy "boxing" her.  Bounce (the other Manchester)...well, her name says it all.  She also has had a bark reduction, so she sounds funny to my bossy bitches, and when she barks, everyone barks.  Tula (the SS) is obsessed with squirrels and isn't quiet about it.  Topanga, the Dachshund and a Maximus daughter, is a submissive peer.  And Finn is *convinced* that Payton is in season (not).  So it's been 24 hours of peeing and whining and barking; the" red alert" kind and the "squirrel" kind.  OMG.  I keep 99% of the barking inside, so at least we aren't bothering the neighbors.  Quite frankly, it's good for the younger Dachshunds, who have never lived with big dogs.  However, my brain could do with a little less "good for the Dachshunds".  I won't even give you dog totals.  It's way past the point of "now you have so many dogs you need a kennel".  I'll try to get pix of the players later.


Anyone want to borrow a Dachshund for a couple of weeks?  LOL!

ps...Tibére is coming on Thursday for an overnight and Axel the same day for a week!  Oy!

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February 23, 2010
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