The Single Most Difficult Thing I've Ever Attempted!
Tuesday, 03 November 2009 15:51

First, you must understand that I am a little crazy.  And stubborn.  When I am in the mood do do something, watch out.  I also think that duct tape, saftey pins and a butter knife are my new BFs.  Did I mention I am stubborn? SO......

My Grandmother Lila, my Aunt Sandra and my mother, Linda, make some of the most beautiful quilts you've ever seen.  I treasure each and every one they've made for me.  There is little more comfort in the world than wrapping yourself in a cool, smooth quilt and napping.  My only regret about living in Colorado is that I live 1000 miles from the rest of my family. So, everytime I look at a quilt they've made for us, it's like having them right here with me.  I absolutely love these things.  So, for my birthday this year, my mom asked my Great Uncle Robert to make a quilt rack for me so I could hang one of my qulits on the wall.  Uncle Robert is the youngest sibling of my grandmother Lila, who is 80.  When the rack came in the mail, a beautifully dark, flawless walnut color, I am not ashamed to admit I cried like a baby.  So much love from my family, everything handmade, and a way for me to look at them all the time. Originally, it and a particular quilt were to function as a "headboard" for the bed in our spare bedroom.  But I decided I just couldn't "hide" it in the spare bedroom and that it instead would go in the family room where we spend most of our time.

So, anyway, Jody is gone on a hunting trip and I decided today that I was *finally* going to get this thing hung.  I took down the other hanging that was there, cleaned the wall, vacuumed the floor behind the couch, filled the old holes, marked the new ones, made sure everything was level, I was *prepped* and feeling very smug.  I was gettin' this done right!  And then it hit me.  How was I going to get this heavy quilt, which had to be folded, to stay up while I put the pinch bar over it AND screwed in 5 knobs?  OMG, how do you do this?  At first, I thought, put the quilt in the holder and THEN put it on the wall, but there are three hangers and by the time it has a quilt in it, it's so heavy, it's almost impossible.  It was hard enough to mount the back portion on the three screws by itself.  So, after trying it a couple of different ways and treating the dogs to a colorful stream of naughtiness, I called my mom for some advice.  I was sweating and frustrated by this point and my mom was incredulous..."Are you trying to hang that by YOURSELF?!!?" She said it takes at least two or three people!  Well, I didn't have two or three people!  She suggested I wait for Carol to get done with school or to wait for Jody, but I said an impatient Jody would be like minus one person, and then I would be at zero people instead of one.  Though to be fair, I am just as impatient, as I was determined to get this DONE.  My Aunt Sandra called me and I asked her if she was calling to laugh at my stupid self.  LOL!  Anyway, she said if I got it done, she wanted to know how because she hadn't figured out how to do it with one person.  So, with tape, then more tape, then saftey pins to keep the back from dropping down past the front, then MORE tape, then a butter knife to shove the quilt beween the bars after it sagged in areas after I was taking off the vertically-placed tape from under the front pincher bar, I FINALLY got this puppy hung.  It was the hardest thing I've ever had to do in my life with no help.  Seriously.  Here's my story in pix; too bad there wasn't a way to take pix of me while I was doing this stuff, but if I had another person to take pix, there wouldn't be a story here!  ROTFL!


First duct tape attempt.


Uh, yeah, going to need WAY more tape!


After several failed attempts, it's holding enough that I could put the pincher bar on and take a picture!


Middle tape is gone; working on left tape!


Right tape is history, TG


See the safety pin? These were critical in keeping the back of the quilt from "falling" down.


Safety Pins are a Girl's Best Friend!


Finished! And I did it by MYSELF!


The Whole Gang was purty exhausted, too!

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