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Reilly only sired a handful of litters, but his influence here will never be forgotten.  Below, you will find a list of his litters here at Ruger and elsewhere for other show breeders.  Each outside litter will eventually have a link to their own page.  Litters here are listed on the Our Dogs page.

Notable Reilly kids:

  • Maximus, ABS DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ROMX
  • Gracchus, DC Sunrise Ruger Gracchus MS, JE
  • Squirrel, FC Sunrise Ruger Lucilla MS (Squirrel finished her FC at 9 months of age)
  • Marcus, FC Sunrise Ruger Aurelius MS
  • Chewie, FC SilverCloud's I Can Duet Better MS
  • Emeril, CH Moonlight's Silver Streak MW JE
  • Jesse, SilverCloud's Just Duet MW (both majors)
  • Tangerine, Moonlight's Tangerine Sunset MW (major pointed)
  • Kat, Aldercrest Mirror Image (major pointed)

Reilly's Litters at Ruger:

  • Am/Intl CH Reilly ex Tania ME ROMX; The Gladiator Litter
  • Am/Intl CH Reilly ex Tania ME ROMX; The 2nd Litter

Reilly's Litters for Others:

  • Am/Intl CH Reilly ex Ellie
  • Am/Intl CH Reilly ex CH Fuzz
  • Am/Intl CH Reilly ex CH Cloë ME
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