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CH Ever After v Ruger JE

DOB 09.17.2007 (field pointed)
(CH Rumor's Liqur Is Quickr v Ruger ex FC Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS ME ROMX)
Evie's Pedigree


Oh, Evie!  LOL!  We say that a LOT around here, along with 'Evie-Peavie', 'Evil', 'Evis' and my fave, 'Ebits'.  Evie and her littermates were, at the time, the culmination of a breeding I had imagined in my head since Reilly (Evie's great-grandsire) was a puppy.  Sometimes things don't work out exactly as we plan, but sometimes things are even better!

Evie is an absolute joy.  She is a bossy-britches, but funny and sweet and one of the kissiest Dachshunds we have ever had.  She is killer on small game and smart, smart.  She is spurlaut and sichtlaut, but will call off a sight chase for me.  She is my favorite combination of drive and biddability.  Evie is one of those dogs that will make us work hard in order to stay ahead of her, but we really do love these kinds of Dachshunds.

She has a really nice front shoulder assembly in profile and has the best shoulder angle and set we have seen in awhile.  We feel her forechest is adequate for a bitch. We really like her rear, which is nicely angled and moves beautifully, especially away.  She has a very balanced and flowing sidegait.  She is beautifully pigmented, but her coat color is lighter than I prefer and her furnishings are softer than I like.  Her head is fairly poor and could be much better (it's 'cute'), but her underjaw is good for the size of her head.  Her teeth are gorgeous, even at four years of age.  We would like to see tighter elbows and better front movement on the back.  In type, she reminds us much of her grandsire, Maximus, though her conformation is far better.  She has the sweet temperament of both her dam, Tania, and her sire, Guinness, who was bred by my dear friend Carol Henning.  A big thanks to Jen Abersold for pushing me towards keeping the 'red girl'.  Already, I cannot imagine my life without Evie...she's just one of those. Wink

Evie started her conformation 'career' at 8 months with her first show, at which she went Best Puppy in Breed.  A couple of months later, on her second weekend out, she took TWO back to back four point majors her second and third times out!  Then, two more weekends of showing (RCKC and SCKC) left her winning 4 out of 5 days and 6 more points.  She finished in 10 shows (one more than her housemate, CH Ryan).  Of course, Field Trials and continued Earthdog are de rigueur in this house and Evie probably has some more events in her, too.  Time will tell if 'mom' can find more time!


Puppy Evie at 8 weeks


15 weeks


20 weeks


Just shy of a year earning her 1st Major - a 4 pt!


Here is Evie earning Best of Winners at SCKC...she took all of the bitch points that weekend!


New CH Evie in only 10 shows




Evie Flies To The Rats On Her First Try!


Evie Earns Her Junior Earthdog Title At 7 Months!


Her First Kill At 7.5 Months


Such a Sweet Face...Waiting Her Turn At Earthdog


At Gunclub, chasing rabbits and mice...


...and swimming, too! Dachshund Paradise!


This cracked us up; she claimed this branch as her 'own'


"Woooo...Don't you come near my branch!"


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