"Ryan" E-mail

CH Delaney v Ruger Thx 2 Doxikota

DOB 06.30.2007 - 1/2 JE
(ABS DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ROMX ex CH Doxikota Mali-Boo Barbie MS ROMX)
Ryan's Pedigree

Hmmm...Ryan's nicknames are usually "Ryner" or "Cryin' Ryan" for the way she 'yodels' when she is excited or she wants something.  She can also be a bit of a baby dog and is not nearly as stoic as Evie. Tongue out She hates rats and earned her first Junior Earthdog leg just shy of her 1st birthday.

Here is Ryan winning her first BOV (over 5 specials, no less!) under respected breeder judge Adrian Woodfork...she's only 14 months old in this picture!


We are very, very pleased with this little girl. She moves like an absolute dream, she has a very pretty, sassy temperament and she hates critters! My favorite combination! She finished easily with 4 majors in only 9 days of showing.  She has a lot of physical maturing to do, but the older she gets, the more we are pleased with her conformation (see her progression below).  Ryan has a gorgeous, harsh, double wire coat, a very pretty head and eye and a beautiful shoulder angle.  Lovely, lovely length of neck into withers.  Her feet are perfect and tight and she has pretty, short little hocks. Her shoulder assembly should be set a bit further back, but her set is acceptable...this gives her the illusion of being short of forechest, but she would not be were she set on correctly.  She also needs more length of stifle and more length of upper arm, but overall, she is balanced and pleasing and is the most beautifully moving Dachshund we have owned...she outmoves her sire, Maximus, and is better overall than he is, too.  Ryan is so much fun to show, she will be selectively 'specialed' while we wait for her to grow up.


Pretty child already at 5.5 weeks!


What a LOOK! Sheesh!


12 weeks


20 weeks


Just shy of 7 months


12 months...a new Champion!


14 months...1st BOV over 5 specials

...that chest really dropped!

We will be breeding Ryan nearer to her 3rd birthday in the summer of 2010.

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