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DC Sunrise Ruger Gracchus MS JE

DOB 07.17.2004 - 1/3 SE
(Am/Intl CH Silvercloud's Sunset Bandit MW CGC ex FC Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS ME ROMX)

Gracchus' Pedigree

Gracchus' Litters

gracchus_headshot.gifGracchus is one cool little guy. Originally, we didn't plan on keeping him, but no one was interested in a little black and tan smooth boy, so he stayed here. Lucky for us!! His nicknames around here are 'Gracchi' or 'Grac of the Weiners' and we have always called him my 'lil black bodyguard. He used to try to 'protect' me from Jody. Needless to say, we put a quick end to that, but he is still definitely my boy.


For what seemed like forever, Gracchus needed one major to finish his breed Championship (he had 18 major reserves!!) and become a Dual Champion like his brother, Maximus. Majors in smooths dried up in this area, so I sent him out three times with our handler, Monica Lamontagne.  He finished under Dr. Richard Greathouse just after his fourth birthday.

Gracchus started out very sweet and a bit on the shy side, but his confidence blossomed as he matured, and he is a very confident and competitive adult. He is a very good hunter, with the truest voice in his litter. He has been consistently and accurately voicing on scent since he was very young. He is tough when it comes to critters and is all serious business.

gracchus_kassidy.gifMany Thanks to the Knutsons (Marcus' family), especially Kassidy, for helping Gracchus to bring out his 'inner hunter' and show him that he can be brave without me by his side!

He is a beautiful dog, inside and out, and I am so fortunate to have him in my life.


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