"Marcus" E-mail

FC Sunrise Ruger Aurelius MS

DOB 07.17.2004
(Am/Intl CH Silvercloud's Sunset Bandit MW CGC ex FC Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS ME ROMX)

Julie always writes me the neatest emails about Marcus, but a recent one was especially touching:

Marcus might be the luckiest puppy in the litter (from a "Dachshund Paradise" standpoint)!  His circle of those who love him has widened to include Julie & Paul Knutson's family. Julie and Paul live in Orchard, Colorado with their children, Kohl and Kassidy. They are among the best professional field dog trainers in the country and own Gun Club Labradors. They specialize in the pointing retriever. They have trained and handled more APLA Grand Master Pointing Retievers than all other trainers combined. Of course, this sounds wonderful, but the main reason I have so much admiration and respect for them is because of the way they treat and connect with the dogs they train.  Julie understands dogs inside and out and she is so passionate about the balanced dog, both in body and mind.

Julie owned a Dachshund when she was a young girl and even put a CDX (Companion Dog Excellent - an advanced level AKC obedience title) on her Dachshund when she (Julie, not the dog) was 14 years old.

So Marcus not only gets lots of love, training and attention from people who know and love dogs, but he lives in a literal Dachshund paradise! Lots of bunnies and birds and exercise and friends. In fact, I think the rest of my dogs would like to go live in Orchard with the Knutson's!! Julie writes great emails detailing how Marcus is doing. Julie and Paul are continuing Marcus' raw diet.

Julie has generously allowed me to take her Marcus along on trips to Dachshund field trials.

Marcus, on his 4th weekend out at only 14 months of age, has finished his Field Championship by taking 4th place in a very competitive stake. We are so proud of this wonderful little man....so laid back at home, so intense in the field.

A big Congratulations to Marcus' owners and trainers, Julie & Paul Knutson of Gunclub Labradors!!

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