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ABS DC Sunrise Maximus v Ruger MW ME ROMX

DOB 07.17.04
(Am/Intl CH Silvercloud's Sunset Bandit MW CGC ex FC Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS ME ROMX)
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maximus_licking2.gifAhh, here is Maxi-Paxi engaging in his favorite pastime: Eating! Or, as we call it, licking the silver off the bowls! Good to the last drop...he always checks to make sure no one else missed anything. He will lick bowls for hours. This is Andie's bowl.

We co-own Maximus with his other breeder, Valerio Hernandez of Sunrise Dachshunds and Paul Knutson. Maximus will stay here on the mainland. The plan was once his CH was finished, he would permanently live with and belong to Paul, whose wife owns Marcus, Maximus' littermate. Paul, after meeting Marcus, decided he just had to have a Dachshund of his own. However, Maximus had different plans. After living with him off and on for 2.5 years, the Knutsons decided that Maximus was happiest in a large pack of Dachshunds and a few months after Reilly died, they returned him to me. I felt pretty bad at first, mostly for Paul, but I would be a liar if I didn't say that it's been wonderful to have my boy back!

maximus_moving.gifMaximus finished his Championship just a day shy of his second birthday, thanks to our dear friend Carol Henning, who showed him for us while we were home with puppies. He is very showy and is an absolutely beautifully moving dog. He is a Field Champion as well as an Absolute winner. He is the Sunrise smooth in a tight wire coat that we were hoping to get.








"Joyful" is the best word to describe Maximus. "Swimming fool" is the next best description. Maxi thinks he is a Labrador!

maximus_jump.gif maximus_otter.gif

Paxton started out like his sire, Reilly, as pretty lukewarm in the field. However, by a year of age, he had it down cold and is now a Field Champion and a bunny hunting fool, taking an Absolute at 21 months of age. I WISH I could show him and his brother from the Field Champion Dog class, but it's usually run concurrently with the Open Dog class and as a breeder, I need to test my young dogs to see if my breedings are on track from a hunting and voicing standpoint.  Maximus consistently voices on scent and sight and produces puppies that do so, even from mute bitches.

We love his social nature. I can hand him to just about anyone and he is happy to share kisses.





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