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Locked n Logan v Ruger

DOB 01.23.2011
(Laurjosh's Game Day Decision for Sunrise MW ex CH Ever After v Ruger JE)
Logan's Pedigree


Logan has lots of nicknames here; "Lo-jen" and "Big Gourd" are amongst the favorites.  I didn't want to keep a boy this time around, but my litters were overrun with boys.  I kept him because he was the one with the most virtues.  Just shy of a year, he is as gawky as all get-out, but I anticipate him maturing into a very nice boy in the next year or so.  He has a very nice shoulder set, beautiful length of ribbing and keel and a hard, double coat.  He has lovely pigment and his eye is almost black, it is so dark.  He could do with less stop and a more almond eye.  He is also starting to look a little long in the hock.  We shall see how he develops over his second year.

Already voicing on cottontail, Logan is a very unique mix of high drive and biddability.  He is like a pogo stick, always bouncing and rarely sitting still, but he will turn on a dime when I call him.  We are working with him on being operant (clicker training) and I plan to start tracking with him this winter to begin focusing his drive.  I've never trained this way in the beginning before, so we shall see how it works out!


Logan at 3 weeks


Logan's front at 8 weeks - a little wide


8 weeks - very elegant and stylish in profile


8 weeks


6 months at the CDC Specialty - helping with paperwork!


7 months and already a ball freak!


9 months - lots of maturing to do, but his pieces/parts are all there


9 months - wrap front; no longer wide - chest just needs to spring and drop


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