"Griffin" E-mail

griffin_original.gifFC Silvercloud's Pro Libertate MW

DOB 04.26.2000
(CH Coppercreek's Braveheart MS ex Coppercreek's Déjà vu Edition, ROM)
Griffin's Pedigree


Griffin came along at a time when I thought I didn't *need* another dog and he ended up being the perfect medicine

After Rudy died, I thought I would never want another dog. That pain...I thought I could never bear that again beyond the dogs that were already with me. But I quickly realized that if the only price I ever had to pay for having these wonderful creatures in my life was that I would lose them too soon, I would pay it. Not happily, mind you, but I would pay.

I knew I wanted my next Dachshund to be a wire. Jody, mourning the death of Rudy, had to have a black and tan. I knew that finding a black and tan miniature wire male was going to be tough, so I told Jody we should start looking right away, as we would likely be waiting a year or more. I put out an email to fanciers that I knew. Imagine my surprise when Karen Worden of Coppercreek Dachshunds in Phoenix emailed me and said there was a litter of black and tan wires on the ground. They were out of a bitch of her breeding who was owned by Sharron Harlow of SilverCloud Miniature Dachshunds. Sharron was relatively new to Dachshunds, though she had been in Bouviers for a number of years. Sharron emailed me pictures and the next thing I knew, I was flying to Phoenix to pick out our new pup, just 5 weeks from the day Rudy died.

There was one pup in the litter who had been born with a "wry", or kinked tail. It was shorter than normal and had a little corkscrew in the end of it. But it was that pup's face that did me in. Oh, he was SO cute!! (and he still is!)

Griffin was the best thing that could have happened to us; he gave us something positive on which to concentrate. Griffin makes us laugh everyday. What did we ever do without him??

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