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elliot.gifFC Elliot Tanner's Light Touch CD NAJ CGC

DOB 12.14.1998 - 2/3 NA, 2/3 OAJ

Elliot was given up by his owners at 14 weeks. He had been an impulse purchase from a pet shop two weeks earlier. The new owners tried to do the right things. They crated him in a large crate, but they put a box in it so that he had just enough room to stand up and turn around...which is correct for housetraining a puppy. Elliot_jump.jpgHowever, like so many puppies from pet shops, "Lucky" (the name given to him by the family's little girl) had lost the natural urge dogs have to keep their sleeping area clean. He could not hold his potty and, as a result, they were coming home from work every day to a puppy and a crate that both needed a good washing. Add to that the fact that they lived in a second floor condo and they felt like they had planned very poorly and needed to do right by little "Lucky". It was an expensive mistake for them, as pet shop puppies, even though they are normally ill-bred and commonly have health and temperament problems, can range from $500 to $2000 depending on the puppy and the area of the country. Even so, they wanted to do the right thing. So he ended up with us. What a blessing for us!!

Rudy, at nine years, was not thrilled at all to begin with, but he eventually came around to Elliot the little wiggle worm. Ells, with patience and work, quickly regained his natural instinct to stay clean and is is perfectly housetrained.

Elliot was all ears at 14 weeks and smart as a whip.

He still has big ears and I think he's now smarter than I am. Just ask him!


Elliot takes his 2nd First (and Best of Open) and gives the judge a kiss! Thanks to Vicki Spencer and Melissa Wynings for this win! Only one more placement and Elliot has his FC!


Elliot finishes his Field Championship in high style and adds kisses for his 'mom'! Thanks to judges Carol Smith & Pam Giles for paying attention to our talented bunny hunter.


Elliot 'waving'


"NOW what do you want me to Google for you guys?!?!?"

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