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Andie Reba

06.15.1992 - 02.11.2008

Update:  We have lost our sweet Anders, but truly, she will always be with us.

andie_eyebrows.gifIf you look closely, you will see that Andie has two "eyebrows" drawn in felt tip marker above her eyes. LOL!  My husband did this and it is vintage Andie. Quizzical and sweet as the summer day is long, Andie loves everyone and everything. She cries if kitties are too scared to play with her. If you are a burglar, give her a cookie and she will invite you in and show you the best things in the house and probably help you get them out. Actually, you can skip the cookie, though she'd be eternally grateful if you didn't.

Andie was the first dog I owned outside my parents' home. I had been volunteering with a local Rescue organization, but I hadn't felt that I was ready for my own pet.  My long-time first love and I spent the entire summer the year I turned 21 trying to break up. Finally, in September, we were able to sever our 4 year relationship completely. It was really tough on that young me and one Friday, I got the urge to just 'go look' at the shelter. I got there right before close and had about 20 minutes to look at the dogs.  I thought I wanted a short-haired female pup who would grow up to be about medium size. Short-haired because they wouldn't shed as much (yeah, right!) and I honestly don't remember why I wanted a girl.  I saw this sweet little brown pup who immediately caught my eye. Her card said she was an approximately 12 week old shepherd mix and she had been found wandering downtown. She had these sweet liquid brown eyes and cocked her head to the side when I made noises at her. I sneaked the pen open and put my hand in, palm upward. She immediately dropped her chin onto my outstretched palm and sighed.

Well, that did it. :) I went up and filled out the paperwork and took her home.

andie_puppy1.gifAndie Reba at around 14 weeks

I truly didn't know *anything* about actually caring for a dog on a day-to-day basis by myself. Barely knew anything about crates or food or training. I learned with Andie and made all of my big mistakes with her. She has never held them against me and as always been happy to greet a new dog into the fold of my home, whether it be a permanent dog, a foster Rescue, a visitor or even new babies.

andie_griffin2.gifAndie and baby Griffin in 2000

She is getting long in the tooth now; 13 years this year; 2005. I have lived what seems like a whole lifetime in dogs in the meantime. She is graying a bit and her hip dysplasia is advancing at a rate that is difficult for *us* to bear, but she doesn't act like it gives her much mental pause. She is still alert and her eyes and coat are glossy and clear. Teeth are still gorgeous. We cannot play tug or swim and run as much as we used to or she pays for it later in the day.

So many decisions I made that made differently would have meant that I wouldn't have the life I have today; a life which I treasure very much. But the one decison that sticks out in my head is the one I made when a little something tickled my mind late in the afternoon that Friday in September. The decison that led to Andie. She saved me by giving that silly young 21 year old child someone to think about besides herself.

She literally changed my life and I have a hard time of thinking of our life without her.  It will come soon enough; before I am ready, I know, but we will dance and play and love each other and our family until that time comes.

That time when I must pay the price for having had Andie's light in my life.  Were that all prices we pay so miniscule in comparison to what we get in return.

andie_griffin1.gif andie_dogdoor.gif andie_pile_3.gif
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