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Delaney Ryan

08.15.1992 - 06.25.2007

delaney_profile.gifMiss Delaney Ryan (back in the day when my dogs got "middle" names) was such a fabulous girl, even after her terrible start (twice pregnant by 14 months on the end of a 6 foot chain with no shelter). I can still see her the first day I saw her at the pound…totally emaciated (37 pounds when she should have been 60) and scared to death. I crawled in the run with her and she inched over to me, putting her head on my knee. I was only 21 and she was about 14 months...looking back, we were both just baby girls. It was love at first sight for both of us.

Delaney loved everyone though she was a little too friendly with poor kitties, insisting on carrying them around by the scruff. For the longest time, she was afraid of the noise a camera made, so I have so few good pictures of her. I think she loved Jody best behind Elliot; she understood all too well that he was the best dispenser of goodies. She was an honorary Dachshund, wanting to get the same critters they did (Elliot loved hunting rats with her because boy, could she move earth with her big ‘ol paws) and she was so gentle with them (the Dachshunds, not the rats!). She joined in on many a critter hunt and was right there for all of the big catches. She was the best pillow ever and saved me both from an intruder and a fire in her first few years with me. She would lie on my bed and stare out the window at the squirrels, shaking and drooling. Once she even broke through a plate glass window with her head, trying to get a squirrel that had used a screen to get up to a window-side bird feeder. She also had a shoe fetish in those early years (like her mama) and once greeted me in the early morning in the living room on top of a pilfered pile of about 30 pairs of shoes, delicately chewing on a brand new pair of Aigner heels. Of course, she had only sampled one of each pair…she wasn’t a pig, after all! Once she decided flour would be a fabulous treat and drug it all over the house, leaving a dizzying pattern of baseball-like chalk lines all over the carpet.

She was fiercely protective of the Dachshunds when we were in public and I knew that other big dogs would never think of molesting the Dachshunds at the dog park when she was near…and if they did, they wouldn’t be for long. She loved romps in the snow and learned to adore the water even after being punished with water from a hose as a youngster, driven by an instinct that had little to do with either of us. She had a nose that was incredible and until recently, was strong as an ox. Delaney was often in the background, with the pushy Dachshunds clamoring for my attention. But all I would have to do was look at her and she gave me that knowing look that meant she understood and it was perfectly okay. She really did adore the Dachshunds, too, trying to play with them right up to the end.

Mostly, she was always patient with and forgiving of me and was one of my best friends. I know I will miss her more than I can imagine. I was with her every second at the end and I held her as she went gently to her final sleep. Hopefully she will find Reilly and Rudy and keep them safe and protected until we are all reunited someday.

These wonderful creatures are all worth every bit of pain that comes to my human heart when they leave me, always, always too soon.

Rest easy, dear Deeders. Your daddy and I love you so much and that will never, ever have an ending.


Delaney was Elliot's first and best friend, right up to the end


The Family, 1999

l-r, Andie, Rudy, Elliot & Delaney


Gracchus 'gets' her!


As it always was..Delaney and her buds

clockwise from bottom left, Squirrel, Gracchus, Griffin, Delaney and Maximus. Oh, and don't forget Jody!


At the cottage, begging for treats after a swim


"Wave Biting", a new sport she and Reilly invented!


Hunting with Griffin and Elliot at Gunclub


Delaney the day before she left us, with one from the newest generation; Guinness


Love ya always, babe!

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