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Multiple Group Placing, Field Pointed

Am/Intl CH Silvercloud's Sunset Bandit MW CGC

05.05.2001 - 02.14.2007
(CH Sunrise Red Warrior MS ex Coppercreek's Déjà vu Edition, ROM)

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photo courtesy of The Winning Image

"Farewell, you whom I shall never see again.
Fate may separate us, but death will not."

~Tuareg saying

We have lost Reilly, unexpectedly, at too young an age. He was an incredible, sweet as sugar dog, handsome and solid, with as much hunt as I could ask for and a never-quit attitude. He was *so* loved by everyone who knew him. I cannot express how completely devastated we are by his loss, far too soon. I always thought this dog, never sick a day in his life, would grow old in our home surrounded by his human and canine family. My grief knows no bounds.

Reilly came to us by surprise. I wasn't really looking for another dog, though it was a little dream of mine to have a nice red wire dog to show in breed after many years in performance and Rescue. I had been going to conformation shows, watching dogs, learning about proper structure from my mentors and generally trying to figure out what Dachshund 'type' I liked and where I wanted to go. I am never one to put the cart before the horse. Sharron Harlow, who had sold our Griffin to us, had bred Griffin's dam, June, to a young dog from a then-virtually unknown kennel in Puerto Rico. That dog was CH Sunrise Red Warrior MS, a BISS CH Add-Sims Good Time Charlie son and that kennel was Valerio Hernandez's Sunrise Dachshunds. What a great move that was! Sharron only got one wire out of six pups in the litter, but she felt that wire was the best pup. She remembered my little 'dream' and she generously offered to sell him to me. She wanted my first foray into conformation showing to be sucessful with a 'first pick' pup. She will never know how much that very big surprise meant to me. She sent me an email with these pictures attached of the 7 week old wire she called "Bandit":

Bandit1.gif Bandit2.gif

Well, I'm pretty good at "resisting" cute puppies after all my years of Rescue, but this one was really special and extra tough!! There was a reason his name was "Bandit", because he generally steals hearts wherever he goes! I liked his rear angles and his topline and balance, so I willing to brave bringing him home to my husband, Jody.

Sharron brought him to the Columbine Dachshund Specialty a few weeks later. I took him home that night to see what Jody thought..."Bandit" snuggled right in next to Jody like he had always been there and that sealed the deal. But Jody wanted to name him "Reilly"....and when one's husband wants to name a new puppy, one goes with the name.

We've never regretted for a minute adding Reilly to our family. He is such a sweet boy, as long as one isn't a squirrel or a rabbit or a prairie dog or a bird or a snake! (LOL!)

Reilly is a very typey, balanced Dachshund with a temperament that is sweet as sugar. He is excellent with puppies and other intact males, even when there are bitches in season in the house. He is an intense and focused hunter, voicing on sight. Reilly has tons of 'go' and will hunt as long as you will. Heavily muscled, he has lovely length of upper arm and he is laid back adequately, but I would like to see his entire shoulder assembly set back a bit. I always want more layback in a Dachshund! He has very good length of keel and ribbing (though again, I would take more!!) and very good rear angulation, though I would prefer a slightly shorter hock. He has an excellent tail set, beautiful dark almond eyes and a double coat to die for. He needs more strength of muzzle, as he is a bit narrow, and larger ears. He has average/good feet...but bred to a bitch with similar feet, they produced very good to excellent feet. Some people feel that Reilly is too short-bodied, but I don't see him as cobby by any stretch of the imagination. I prefer his length over the more extreme 'stretch-limousine' sort of Dachshund that is out there. Length without the support of good ribbing and keel is not what I want in my Dachshunds. I don't think that current Dachshunds in general have excellent ribbing or keel, but they seem to get longer and longer. I want to avoid this if possible.

reillyfreestacksm.gifPhoto courtesy of TopDogPhotos.com

Our personal goal has always been to produce biddable, all-purpose dogs. We want excellent hunters who voice properly without sacrificing conformation. We are very, very fortunate to have produced voicing dogs immediately from parents with conformation-only backgrounds.

We are really thrilled so far with how well Reilly has produced. His first litter (out of Sunrise Lightly Tanned MS) is on the ground and we are very happy with their development. One, the bitch, finished her Field Championship at 10 months and she has a very pretty little body. One boy who was placed as a pet only because of a kink in his tail, finished his FC at 14 months. The other two very pretty boys include a FC who needs a major to finish his breed CH and become a Dual CH and a Dual CH Absolute winner. All four are very focused and intense hunters, even at young ages. All three males voice properly on both scent and sight. On the other side of the coin, they are laid-back, affectionate pups who love to curl up in your lap. Knock wood, it seems as if this first Reilly litter has received the best from each parent. You can't ask for much more than that!

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