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A Few of our Reputable Dachshund Fancier/Breeder Friends

Our Friends with Other Breeds & Dachshunds

  • Gunclub Labradors - Julie & Paul Knutson are some of the best professional trainers and handlers of field dogs. They also have a great book that is applicable to most breeds; section one is great. You can learn more about it here. Julie owns Marcus, one of the pups from our Gladiator litter.
  • Galewinn's Irish Setters & ML Dachshunds - Pam Gale's gorgeous Irish run with her Miniature Dachshunds! She mostly has miniature longs right now, but she occasionally has miniature smooths, too.
  • Rumor's Standard Schnauzers - Carol Henning's lovely Standards....she used to have miniature wire Dachshunds and she now has Toy Manchester Terriers.
  • Adair 'n' Hug Alaskan Malamutes - Joe & Robin Hug's beautiful Mals. Their daughter, Courtney, has a DC Maximus x Athena son from Carol Henning; his name is Monte!

Training & Behavior Information Sites

(necessary reading for all Ruger homes)

Ruger's Favorite Suppliers

  • Quiet Spot tag silencers - Got tags? If you keep tags on your dogs' collars, this product is a must-have!! Can you imagine how annoying it is to dogs, with their superior hearing, to have tags jingling in their ears all day? Plus, a million more reasons you need this product on their web site!
  • White Pine Outfitters - Dachshund harnesses, "Limited Slip" collars and leashes; these soft nylon harnesses *really* fit and never get stiff. Lots of great colors!
  • Master's Pride - Custom made leather collars and leashes with small hardware at reasonable prices...Rick is an amazing leathercraftsman!
  • Lucky Pet - These are the best, easiest to read tags made and they include a lifetime replacement guarantee.
  • Pro Dog Crates - The 'Lexus' of dog crates for people who show and even for those who don't! Plus, they are made by Dachshund people!!
  • Masterpiece Pet Products - These are the best, most durable crate pads on the market. Impervious to fluids, with a soft faux-fleece topper that's easy to toss in the wash, this is a componet system. We also love their double-sided fleece pads! Plus, the best panties for in-season bitches and great toys that won't break beards!
  • Fleming Brothers Dog Beds - Seriously the BEST dog beds I've ever seen. I've had a couple for 6-7 years. The covers wash up great and as long as you don't wash the stuffing (silicone covered), they will stay fluffy and thick forever. Get a big one and all the dogs will crowd together! :)
  • Apache River Dog Coats
    These are the only coats I have found which actually *fit* Dachshunds and are soft and *warm* and cover the whole neck, chest and keel to the belly button.
  • Doggone Good! - Great stuff, including small-sized bumpers (Softie Sticks) for retrieving training.
  • Favorite Soft-Sided Crates: It's a Breeze, Too by Midwest - Best Price on this crate: The Dog's Outfitter
  • Favorite Wire Crates: Precision or Pro Select - Best Price on this crate style: Pet Edge
  • Precision Pet - also has great exercise pens and other cool stuff!
  • Cardinal Gates - The best baby gates on the market. The company owner is a great guy and can help you configure gates for the most unusual spots!

Dachshunds In Art

National Dachshund Clubs:

Regional Dachshund Clubs:

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