A Very Important Warning for Small Dog Owners
Thursday, 19 June 2008 18:00
In Loving Memory of Posey Bethke, aka DC Doxikota Pick A Posey MW, TD, JE
March 27, 2004 - June 14, 2008

posey_charm_portrait.gifl-r; Posey and her buddy, Charm

Posey had to be one of the happiest, funniest little dogs I have ever known. She was always this busy little 8.5 pound wonder and would give this cute lil bark to get her mom's attention...her mama Pam taught it to her, truly, and it got annoying on occasion, but we would give back all of the 'annoyances' to have her back safe and healthy, in Pam's arms. She had the best nose, accurate and patient even at a very young age (she earned her TD at 6 months). She loved most everyone, but you couldn't push to get to know her if she was scared and her mom wasn't around...she'd give you a scream that would make your hair stand on end! Go Posey, you let those strangers know not to be so FRESH! She had the best tail wag on earth; her whole rear would wag for you. And she was the best bed buddy ever, always there to keep her mama warm.

Posey and my DC Maximus had three puppies together in two litters: Noodle, Jay and Klaus. Noodle had his Tracking Dog title at 7 months and his Junior Earthdog title before a year. Jay finished his Championship in a heartbeat at 10 months. Klaus is really too busy with his little family, racing around the globe to Mexico and whatnot, to have time for any titles. And of course there is Posey's last child, Bugs, whose sire is FC Forrest. Bugs is with Pam and working on his titles. More important than titles, though, are how these Posey children are so loving and loved by their owners. It's a testament to Posey and Pam's way of raising little wee ones.

Here is what happened in Pam's own words:

As you know we go to Lake Poinsette every weekend. We take all the dogs. I take a few swimming, mostly Hailey [toller], Posey [mw], and Sally [mw]. Posey has her own little tiny bumper she likes to get, she will even jump off the side of the dock to get it. Cindy was with me, swimming Trap [chessie] and Sparrow aka Larry [parson russell]. Lee [Bethke] was on the dock also tinkering with his boat as we had just come in from a ride. We threw the bumpers for the big dogs and then I threw the little one for Posey. I only throw hers about 5ft from shore. She jumped in the water to get hers and was swimming back. I took my eyes off of her for a matter of seconds to see that the bigs dogs were coming in. When I looked back Posey had gone under. Cindy and I worked for a long time trying to get her back. We both know how to do CPR. We just couldn't bring her back. It is just so painful for me to talk about it. I'm telling you so I don't have to talk about it in person since I totally lose it. Time will help but you know I thought Posey was the most perfect little wire in the world (at least to me). Things happen very fast and an activity that Posey had been doing since she was a puppy took her life. She LOVED to swim and get the bumper. I think I will try the life jackets they make for dogs to see how well they will work for them.

The big thing I think we all can think about and learn from is that Posey may have had trouble since the water was so cold. I talked to Pam's vet and she said it couldn't be proven, but she was of the mind that Posey got hypothermic, her muscles seized and she got disoriented, causing her to drown. She said the lakes in SD were still quite cold; in the 55 degree range. It would also explain why Pam and Cindy couldn't bring her back, even though it had been a matter of a few seconds. These guys act so big and tough, it's easy to forget they are TINY dogs. Water that is as warm as 60 degrees and under still has the ability to throw a little dog into hypothermia and once that happens, it's easy for them to drown and not come back. Most of our dogs like to swim or if we've never taken them swimming, they certainly have the propensity for it. We have to remember water temperature most of all when we let them swim. And of course, a life jacket won't hurt.

I am not advocating no swimming. My dogs love it too much to deny them. However, I am advocating SAFE swimming. Be aware of water temperature. If the water is cold enough it would cool off an 150 pound adult, think of how much it would cool a 6-13 pound dog! If they aren't strong swimmers or you might have to look away for a second, invest in doggie life vests. I think they would be worth every penny. Even if Posey had become hypothermic, if she had a life jacket on she might not have swallowed water or at least not as much. I know I was shocked when I talked to Pam's vet and she talked to me about hypothermia in 55 degree water. I never really thought about it. Hopefully, people will read this and think about it and be careful. I thought that I have always been careful and smart when my dogs swim, but after this, I realized I have simply been lucky.

My love, and the love of many, go with Posey. She was one in a million.

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For Good Dogs!
Wednesday, 18 June 2008 21:36

good_dogs_1.gifgood_dogs_2.gifHmmm. I found this empty bag (previously full, of course) in the back yard, with Ryan and Evie suspiciously trailing bits of bag from their mouths. Can you see the small print? Ya gotta love dogs, is all I have to say. Innocent

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A VERY Good Weekend, Redux
Sunday, 08 June 2008 19:32

trophy2.gifGoodness! Ryan is on a roll! At the Colorado Springs Kennel Club shows this weekend, she was awarded Winner's Bitch both days and Best of Winners on Saturday for 4 more points...she now needs only 1 point to finish her Championship. She has been undeafeated the last five times she has been shown, including under two Dachshund breeder-judges. She is probably the best Dachshund, stacked and moving, that we have ever shown or bred. We are so grateful to have her pretty, funny self here in our house!

Winston took Winner's Dog and Best of Winners with Kassey's help on Saturday for 2 points! Now he only needs 2 points to finish his CH! He and Strauss-Mouse seem to like to share on these weekends, because Kassey and her boy Strauss earned Winner's dog on Sunday for 2 points, which brings him to 10 points with both his majors...

It's been a very nice start to summer with our little dog family...now a break from the beauty contests for a little Earthdog the next couple of weeks and then we have another show at the end of the month, where 8 month old Evie JE (CH Guinness x Tania SE) will make her breed ring debut!

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A VERY Good Weekend!
Monday, 02 June 2008 08:13

ryan_winston_terry-all_08.gif Wow! What a weekend! Ryan, who was just 11 months old on Friday, was a bit of a piglet and snagged Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners on Saturday and repeated the feat on Sunday along with Best Opposite Sex over a bitch special! Our friend Kassey Hill handled her to the BOW and BOS win...and Ryan was being naughty, as she wanted me! Why wasn't I handling her, you ask? Well, because I was handling her 15 month old half brother, Winston, in the same ring, as he had earned Winner's Dog! Winston now has 11 points and both his majors in only 5 weekends of showing. Ryan has also done very well. She has literally been shown only 5 times and has 3 majors and 10 points, including 1 major under a Dachshund breeder-judge.

And the dog family wasn't finished!  Strauss, a Doxikota boy bred by Pam and sired by Mali's litterbrother, Boot, earned a 4 pt major on Saturday!!  Strauss is owned, loved and handled by Kassey Hill.

Winston is a DC Maximus x CH Lassie son bred by the Marvins (Caledonia) and owned by his breeders and Carla and Gary Harlan (who are very proud of their boy!) He is a littermate to CH Radar RN TDI, Rosie and Bert.

Ryan is a DC Maximus x CH Mali daughter bred and owned by us. She is a littermate to Doogie (who will be the next wire boy in the ring), Dagen and Sunshine.

This picture of Ryan (left) and Winston was taken by our friend Connie Kogler at the Terry-All show in April.

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