Where, Oh Where Have I Been....
Monday, 08 August 2011 00:00

Obviously, I've been AWOL from the website for about the last seven months.  I would love to tell you reasons that include:

  1. Traveling to warm locales
  2. Drinking wine
  3. Taking an Alaskan cruise
  4. Playing dogs 24/7
  5. Touring Italy

Sadly, all of those reasons would be lies.  The real reasons are far more boring.

First I had two litters of puppies totalling eight pups in January.  Yes, two.  A week apart.  My brain took a vacation to France without me in late November and I bred two bitches a few days apart.  I was quite surprised in January.  Eight puppies is twice as many as my prior biggest litter.  Busy, busy. 

And then, Facebook.  Really, do I have to say more?  It's so much easier just to pop on there and update my status than it is to write a blog post.  Or, for even more brevity, post a Tweet on Twitter which updates Facebook.  I am really thinking about breaking up with Facebook and getting back together with my website.  We'll see.

And lastly, our mortgage business succumbed to the housing bubble (thanks to Frank, Dodds & Co and the Community Reinvestment Act) and finally, completely bit the dust.  So it was time to find good jobs.  For which we are still looking, along with what seems like half of the free world, but we have a couple of gigs in the meantime.

I will try to be better.  Every day is an adventure and I am trying to just be happy to still be swimming along.  :)

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Gooooo, Annie Magoo! ♥
Monday, 03 January 2011 15:42

So, this little cutie-pie is Annie Magoo:

Annie Magoo in her Sleeping Bag!


Annie is one of the four darlings from the DC Maximus ROMX ex DC Ely Mae RN JE CGC VC litter bred by Julie Couch at Westrose Dachshunds.  They just turned a year old in December 2010.  This little girl is very, very special.  She was born extremely tiny; even by miniature Dachshund standards.  She was just 2.5ounces at birth; too small really even to nurse effectively.  Julie tube fed this little one, and bit by bit, her tiny little self grew and matured.  She has remained a tiny little girl and is, by all reports, a total sweetheart!  Julie's determination to keep this little one going was amazing.

Julie's husband, Rob, has a beautiful daughter, Ely Mae.  Ely Mae is four legged Ely Mae's namesake, and she wanted a puppy from this litter.  She knew the instant she saw baby Annie's face in a picture that she was The One.  So, when the time was right, Ely Mae went to pick up her Annie.

Annie at 4 Months
All Dolled Up!


This last weekend, Annie received another placement in the field.  We don't have a picture, but here's one from her first placement:

Go, Miss Cutie-Pie!


Miss Annie is doing very well in the field (as have her sisters and her brother) and she is adored by Ely Mae and her husband, Jonathan.  We are thrilled that Annie has such a wonderful, loving home, field trials or no.


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Accelerated Milk Punch & A Roaring Fire To Ring In 2011
Friday, 31 December 2010 18:51

Well, with Jody working on his New Year's Resolution of making more money, I am playing dairy girl to ring in the new year.  Don't worry, I am ferrying goodies to him and he will be out presently.  Cheese Balls and Milk Punch abound!

We also have a roaring fire going...I think Jody knocked down some poor soul's shed for this wood!  ???



So, I was really excited about Smitten Kitchen's Milk Punch, because I have been on a White Russian kick lately.  However, we are out of Kahlua and that just doesn't make for a tasty White Russian.  I had all the goodies on hand to make this, but I didn't want to wait 3-4 hours while the milk/bouborn/sugar/vanilla mixture froze in the freezer.  For once, I was able to get creative.  I always keep my Cuisinart ice cream maker bowls in the freezer.  Not only was I uncharacteristically creative, but I was PREPARED!  My momma is surely proud.

Here you go...follow the recipe at Smitten Kitchen (I used 3/2 milk to half and half) and here is what you get:



Yummo!  Get out your ice cream maker and assemble it:



And pour your milk mixture in the already running ice cream maker:



30-40 minutes later, violà!  Frozen Milk Punch!  Less Waiting!  More Drinking!



Top with a little nutmeg and you are good to go.  This stuff is WAY better than I imagined it would be.  Jody gives it all thumbs up.



And now we are spending the rest of the night trying to keep the dogs' noses out of our cups.

Happy New Year!!


I Never Learn. Evidently.
Monday, 27 December 2010 20:23

A couple of years ago, I bought a set of heatproof silicone utensils; two spatula spoon thingies (that's a technical term), a regular spatula and a pastry brush.  I LOVE silicone pastry brushes, as they are so much easier to clean than traditional pastry brushes.

Anything that can go in the dishwasher without teeth gnashing or hand wringing is a favorite of mine.

Anyway, I found that one of the drawbacks to letting the dogs "prewash" the dishes in the dishwasher is that well, they tend to nibble.  And a silicone pastry brush ain't too sturdy.


Nibble, nibble, nibble.  And someone (I can't remember who) nibbled off some of the "bristles" right after I bought the durn thing.

I kept using it.  After all, it still works perfectly fine.  It just looks a little moth-eaten, right?

Except anyone who knows me knows that I am, well, a bit anal retentive. 

So it kept bugging me.  And bugging me.

Last month, I finally caved and went and bought a new one at Sur la Table. A cute lil OXO for $8.

I tossed the old one in the bottom drawer.  Because while I didn't want to LOOK at it, I knew it was still usable and might come in handy.  The new one went on the tool caddy in a place of honor.  I was so happy.  It even had fun looking little different shaped bristle guys in the center to hold more stuff.

Then I went insane and made too many pans of Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls to count.  And I used the new, cute lil pastry brush. 

Can you guess what happened?



Will I ever learn my lesson?

I put it in the dishwasher.  In the lower section.  Griffin nibbled on the buttered brush.  He loves butter.  So, he loves Pioneer Woman.  They are kindred spirits, Griffin and PW.  He once ate an entire pound of frozen butter in one sitting.


And now I have two nibbled brushes.

It's all I got for Christmas.  I guess I was on the Naughty List.

Griffin Loves Butter.  I Love Griffin.  Naughty List or not, I guess I am a lucky, lucky girl.


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